More than 300,000 users are joining us!

Record my discomfort
on the blockchain
and receive compensation.

Identify the value of inconvenience by writing and selling
inconveniences you experience
in your daily life.

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Sell my uncomfortable opinion through the
inconvenient platform and get a BOX

We try to create a more comfortable world by collecting and
analyzing various inconveniences into a space where people
​experience less inconvenience in their daily lives and sell them.

Why do you collect
and compensate for inconvenience data?

Uncomfort can be used to form a shared data economy between data owners,
data providers, and data consumers, contributing to the growth of an enterprise.

  • Collect Unconvenient Data

    Gather 94% Unexposed
    Unconvenient Data

  • Building an inconvenient CS center

    Establishing a CS Center that can also be used by
    small and medium enterprises and startups

  • Negative Data

    It pioneer the field of
    sparse negative data.

  • Blockchain grafting

    Securing data reliability
    through blockchain

  • More than 300,000 users are joining us!

    It was the first blockchain Dapp app to be selected
    as a popular app on the Apple App Store.

  • Over 700,000 Negative Data

    More than 700,000 negative data generated by 300,000 people!
    To generate this data, more than 5 million users must gather their opinions.


Box & Klaytn

Numerous blockchain applications have been developed since the first Bitcoin transaction in 2009, but few have received meaningful
attention in the market. And because of its difficult usage and uncertain sustainability, we chose Klaytn with many advantages.

  • Why do you use blockchain technology?

    To ensure data reliability, we introduce blockchain technology that cannot be modified data.

  • What kind of blockchain are you using?

    It is storing inconvenience data through the main net of klaytn, which is a blockchain platform of
    ​kakao. And we are using Claytn mainnet to provide BOX tokens as compensation for inconvenience.

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Token(BOX) vesting Plan

  • Marketing 20%
  • Reward 30%
  • Eco-system 30%
  • Operation 15%
  • Team 5%
  • Marketing : 200,000,000 BOX

    It will be used to cover marketing costs for activating [Inconvenience] and BOX Token and will be distributed to partners and advisors for their contribution to the ecosystem of [Inconvenience], step by step.

  • Rewards : 300,000,000 BOX

    This is a reward for users' participation in the application platform. Reward pool will be distributed to ecosystem participants and partners for more than 2 years after blockchain service interworking.

  • Eco-system : 300,000,000 BOX

    This is the quantity to provide liquidity to exchanges where tokens are listed. It can be increased or decreased temporarily, but the volume remains constant and is not distributed to external wallets.

  • Team: 50,000,000 BOX

    Team tokens will be used as incentives to achieve milestones in inconvenience applications and to recruit professionals who need to expand their business.

  • Operation : 150,000,000 BOX

    This is the cost for the expansion and smooth operation of [Inconvenience] services.